Social media promotion – part 2

In my previous post Social Media Promotion – Part 1 I wrote about the reaction to the quote images I had made (using Canva) to attract more people to my project.

In addition to these posts, I also shared other images using close-ups of some of the cyanotype pieces I am now using in the show. These particular pieces include the first line of the William Blake poem, Auguries of Innocence, “To see a World in a Grain of Sand“.

They are shown below:

These images have been seen from 27 to 44 accounts on Facebook; between nine and 25 on Instagram and individually earned a maximum of 134 impressions and five engagements on individual posts on Twitter.

It’s interesting to see that the images shown in my previous post have attracted more attention, perhaps everyone really is a sucker for a good quote on social media.

The cyanotype images are meant to be harder to decipher – I want to keep the visual effect for the show – so that may be one reason for the lower engagement/interaction rate across all my social channels.

Looking at what seems to work best on social media is also helping bolster my desire to find out what it is about an image that makes a person react. What is it that makes our preferences so different? Why is one image capable of stirring Barthes’ punctum in one but his studium in another?

I will be seeking feedback on what I now feel are my two-sides of Harena Now; the multi-coloured and vibrant, manipulated lumens versus the calming, as-they-are cyanotypes.

The lumens are all rectangle in shape, while the cyanotypes are circular. How will this make people feel when they view them?

Even as the maker of this work, I know which of my own images move me the most. It will be fascinating if they do so for anyone else.


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