Sand crisis infographic

I came across a very useful infographic relating to the current sand mining situation (Fig.1). It had been shared on Twitter by Sand Stories (Fig. 2), who have previously promoted my work. It seems to be a thoroughly researched piece and I will be using some of the detail in my next talk at tonight's … Continue reading Sand crisis infographic

July 26 show set up

Yesterday I set up my second Harena Now display. This is a bigger version of my June show at Mount Pleasant Eco Park as it includes new work and my cyanotype images. Due to issues with the magnetic system (probably due to the heat and rammed earth walls combination) where my images fell from the … Continue reading July 26 show set up

Cornwall Today

To help promote my final show for Harena Now, I secured coverage in Cornwall's most popular county magazine, Cornwall Today. The video clip above shows the editorial within the magazine. Cornwall Today has a demographic that tends to be in the higher social grades (as defined by the National Readership Survey), which tend to be … Continue reading Cornwall Today