July 26 show set up

Yesterday I set up my second Harena Now display. This is a bigger version of my June show at Mount Pleasant Eco Park as it includes new work and my cyanotype images.

Due to issues with the magnetic system (probably due to the heat and rammed earth walls combination) where my images fell from the walls at the Eco Park, for the show at The Fish Factory, I have opted for simple drawing pins and panel pins to keep the unframed work in place.

As the The Fish Factory is a working art space, as opposed to a high end gallery, I feel this type of hanging is suitable. Had I booked to show the work in a high end gallery I may have needed to reconsider how I would hang the images.

But I want my work to be seen in venues that are accessible and feel open and welcoming. By not enclosing the work behind glass, I also believe this provides further reinforcement to the sense of my work being accessible to all.

Figures 1 to 4 below show some of the set up. I was unable to get clear installation shots as the venue was conducting some repair works while I was there. I hope to get these over the duration of the event.

Fig. 1: View of right half of space.
Fig. 2: View of cyanotypes.
Fig. 3: View cyanotypes
Fig. 4: View of left half of space

Having compared the actual space to my to scale model, it would seemed that I was given the wrong dimensions for the back wall.

Fig. 5: To scale model

This was not an issue as I rearranged my work to suit. I also had to leave out one of the A1 prints as it had been damaged by a rogue magnetic sticker in the portfolio, which I was unaware of until set up.

The venue lighting system is not ideal as the lights can only be swivelled rather than moved along the beams they are attached to. This means that some work can be lit better than others.

I have set the lights as best I can to showcase the images cleanly.

I also decided that the show wold be one of two halves, with the cyanotypes separate to the ‘lumens’. They have all been created during the MA and stem from my love of alternative processing.

I have set out the cyanotypes very loosely in the style of a constellation. I have done this as it ties the work together in the sense that it is made by the power of nature, with my impact influencing its outcome.


Figures 1 to 5. PURCELL, Josie. 2018. Harena Now series.