Source Magazine – Graduate opportunity

As the first cohort on Falmouth University’s Flexible Learning programme, and with the end of the MA in sight, our group decided to take part in Source Magazine’s Graduate Photography Online 2018 opportunity.

This is a collaborative approach to gaining further exposure for our work.

On the Source website it states: Graduate Photography Online has been running successfully since 2007 and is designed to promote graduate photographic work from the UK and Ireland to our readership, which includes picture editors, curators and those active in contemporary photography.

For the fee of £33, each student will also be provided with web space to showcase their portfolio, and “respected figures” from the photography industry make selections from all submissions to be published in a printed 10-page supplement that is included in the Source magazine.

For the MA this year, those respected figures are Alicia Hart, Photo Editor, AMVBBDO, Maxwell Anderson, Founder, Bemojake Books, and Alona Pardo, Curator, Barbican.

To add to this, Source will promote to its industry media contacts, include a “prominent’ link on it homepage, highlight across its social media and include an advert in its magazine to showcase Graduate Photography Online.

And you get a subscription to its online magazine for a year.

To be included, each student needed to supply up to eight images (one to be an installation shot if work is used in a gallery space) and a 120 word introductory piece.

I provided the following words:

With my Harena Now project, I want to spark conversation about a lesser-known environmental and humanitarian issue; the global sand crisis.

Some experts predict that due to the booming demand for sand in industries such as construction and fracking, sand may run out. Sand mafias have sprung up, people have lost their homes, livelihoods and lives and the consequences to eco-systems is dire.

As I work with, and within, nature using predominantly alternative photographic processes, I wanted to take a non-documentary approach to the subject, using the outside ‘darkroom’ to make my images with sand, sunlight and seawater.

By doing so, I hope to create a jolt of juxtaposition between the aesthetic and the background story.

I included the following images for Harena Now:

The final date for submission is August 6. Let’s see what happens.

And a big thank you to fellow students Jo Sutherst and Philip Singleton for collating our entry to this.


Source Graduate Photography Online. [online]. Available at: 2018. [accessed July 27, 2018].