Second exhibition installation shots

To get the best shots of the exhibition space in the time available, using a tripod I needed to use a fast ISO setting, which has led to some noise in the images.

If I have the opportunity on Monday, I will re-take the shots at a slower ISO, which I hope will provide me with even higher quality results.

The space is lit with daylight and tungsten spotlights. I chose to expose for daylight to allow for the more natural replication of how we see this mix of lighting.

The spotlights at the venue are not as flexible as I hoped; individual spots can be moved to point in the direction of artwork by can not be moved along the fixings. This meant that some work was better lit than others, particularly on the cyanotype wall.

As the venue is still trying to find its feet, I was aware that it would not offer high-end gallery installation support and fixings but it was more important for me to use a venue that feels accessible to all rather one that may have all the bells and whistles for exhibiting but that has an air of exclusivity.

Fig. 1: View of back wall with door.
Fig. 2: Viewing the artist statement.
Figure 3: View from the main entrance.
Figure 4: View from the corner.
Fig. 5: View from the top corner of room.
Fig. 6: View from the cafe.
Fig. 7: View to left of space.
Fig. 8: View of two images on left-hand side wall.

Overall, I am pleased with how my work sat within this space. Even if it is a bit rough around the edges, with the cafe and all the other opportunities taking place and the varied audiences it attracts, I’m sure it is a good starting point for the promotion of my work.


Figures 1 to 8: Purcell 2018. Harena Now installation shots.