Future opportunity

I have been contacted by St Ives student hostel Cohort to be a recommended photographic artist on their books.

Find out more about the venue in the film below:

Co-owner Lee contacted me after her partner saw my promotion of Harena Now via the local CoAST (sustainable tourism) network.

She explained that they both have an interest in environmental issues, and are the founding members of the St Ives Plastic Free group.

I have provided them with information that they will include in an information booklet provided to all schools and universities. This booklet shares information about activities, events and art workshops which the schools and universities can book for their visiting students.

I will be offering a variety of tailor-made alternative and historic photography sessions.

In addition to this fantastic opportunity, Lee and I spoke in great length about Harena Now and the sand crisis.

She has offered the opportunity for me to give a talk about this and my work, as well as displaying my images, as part of the events they will be hosting during the St Ives September Festival.

I am truly delighted to be invited to collaborate with this company. Their ethos and attitude to people and place is wonderful and has much synergy with my own.

I hope to share more confirmed details in the near future.


Cohort. Available at: https://www.stayatcohort.co.uk/your-stay/cohort-on-film/ [accessed August 15].

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