New project – Nobody Everywhere

It seems quite odd that I woke up on the day before I hand in my final assignments for this MA having dreamt about a new project.

The past two years have been a rollercoaster. The MA has been such a positive experience. It’s had it’s hiccups and I would have preferred not to have worked full-time during it, but it has led me to a place from where my photographic practice can evolve.

I am very interested in using non-documentary images as a means to raise the profile of environmental/humanitarian issues.

This may be impacted by my love of images of abandoned spaces. And images of environments where there are eerie hints of the human but you feel as if our species may well have disappeared. Henk van Rensbergen has always been a favourite.

Fig. 1:  Henk van Rensbergen. 2017. Innocentius No Man’s Land.

My new project oddly relates to the two. I’m playing with the title Nobody Everywhere.

With my love of wide open, human-less habitats, I often feel a claustrophobia borne from a probable misplaced sense of being hemmed in by people. I love people so its not because I don’t want to be around fellow humans, I just think its more to do with current sociopolitical situations and, as I come to the end of the MA, maybe a desire to reflect and recharge.

The Idles are a current favourite band, with their witty protest verses relating to issues such as immigration and Brexit.

Have a listen:

My idea for this new project is to photograph the familiar, the places people have touched, perhaps a steaming cuppa sits on the table. I will ask sitters to take part, but I will erase them, just leaving the outline. That we are all no bodies, everywhere.

It’s perhaps the opposite of adding to the image, as van Rensbergen did with the animals in No Man’s Land.

Maybe there is a hint of Sara Davidmann’s Ken. To be destroyed in the idea too. Or maybe it’s just because I’ve recently been looking into the Dada movement.

Whatever it is, I know there will be an element of the alternative process in there somewhere for good measure. I’m thinking a return to instant film lifts perhaps.

Onwards. Recharging is for batteries.


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