Next steps

I’m writing what is my last article on my MA blog. It feels strange to do so as it has become an integral part of my life in the past two years.

It has not always been easy to juggle between full-time work and all the other curve balls life can throw at you, but it has felt like a member of the family. This course of study has become its own entity, always being there in whatever unrelated thing I may be doing.

Taking part in an online Masters has provided me with the chance to rediscover what makes me tick as an artist; to actually have the confidence to refer to myself as an artist.

I still feel my practice is at its embryonic stage. There is so much more I could write about, so many ideas to research, so much photographic and art history to delve into that it feels both an ending and a beginning.

Creating my exhibitions during this module has been the catalyst for future plans. They have led to collaborative opportunities and work.

Mostly they have given me the courage to get my work out there. I won’t win every competition I enter, I won’t get every residency I apply for, but I will always have resilience and belief in where I am going and what I am doing.

I have my lecturers and my peers to thank for that. I will miss this MA.

Let’s see what happens next…