Life after a MA

I knew that life after my MA in Photography wouldn't suddenly be a whirlwind of photographic revelry and opportunity - especially here in Cornwall. It's one of the reasons why I am working on a photographic project to bring national/international photographic art to Cornwall. I am currently writing a business plan to secure funding to … Continue reading Life after a MA

This Poisoned Isle: Beyond the Post-Military Landscape of the UK

Not much, photographically speaking, happens in St Agnes, a small Cornish coastal town that retains a distinct village feel. If you live here, like me, and have a thirst for imagery that goes beyond a beautiful sunset or a sweeping beach scene, you do tend to have to travel further afield to quench your desire. … Continue reading This Poisoned Isle: Beyond the Post-Military Landscape of the UK

New project – Nobody Everywhere

It seems quite odd that I woke up on the day before I hand in my final assignments for this MA having dreamt about a new project. The past two years have been a rollercoaster. The MA has been such a positive experience. It's had it's hiccups and I would have preferred not to have … Continue reading New project – Nobody Everywhere

Beyond the Fields follow on

Having attended the first day of Beyond the Fields at the End of the World Garden, near Falmouth, I came away with a feeling of potential. The event brought together scientists, theorists and artists to discuss the nature of transdisciplinary research and art/science collaborations. Arranged by artist Paul Chaney and scientist Lauren Holt on the plot … Continue reading Beyond the Fields follow on

Non-documentary image activism

There are wonderful photographic artists working in the fields of non-documentary, abstract, alternative and historic processes. Many make their work as a means of expression, of simply sharing a wonderful image, while others are driven by a desire to have more of an impact than just an aesthetic one. I have previously considered the work … Continue reading Non-documentary image activism

Future opportunity

I have been contacted by St Ives student hostel Cohort to be a recommended photographic artist on their books. Find out more about the venue in the film below: Co-owner Lee contacted me after her partner saw my promotion of Harena Now via the local CoAST (sustainable tourism) network. She explained that they both … Continue reading Future opportunity

Photography and activism

Harena Now takes a subtle approach to activism. It is non-documentary and does not depict the 'real'. You will not see a human face or an image of a human/environmental situation. This leads to the question, "How will it initiate an action?", if this is something I want the work to achieve. Firstly, there are … Continue reading Photography and activism