Shape of Light

If I can't get to London by October 14, then please Tate Modern bring the Shape of Light to Tate St Ives. This is one of those exhibitions I would love to see in person. Described as the first time the Tate Modern "tells the intertwined stories of photography and abstract art" from the past … Continue reading Shape of Light callout

Although there is much to do for my final major project, I am keen to look beyond the August deadline and apply for opportunities that will enable me to continue to develop and grow as a photographic artist. Having joined (described on the website as: a family of artists and organisations whose work focusses … Continue reading callout

Daisuke Yokota

In trying to keep abreast of contemporary photographers, I have come across the work of Daisuke Yokota. It is his experimental attitude to his work that impresses me, and it seems in recent years many other too as he has been the winner of the 2016 Foam Paul Huf Award and the PhotoLondon John Kobal … Continue reading Daisuke Yokota

After the MA

I'm very conscious that once my MA is completed there is a chance that my connections to the photographic world may diminish a little down here in Cornwall. That's not to say I can't travel to see exhibitions, meet other photographers etc. but I am aware that my life after my MA will not instantly … Continue reading After the MA

More installation thoughts

Putting 'photographers installation views' in a Google search brings up a treasure trove of images. Having spoken about Meghann Riepenhoff and Lucia Pizzani's style of display as an influence on my choices for the final major project module shows, I wanted to take a look at other gallery-style ideas. Having just posted about Sarah Pickering's … Continue reading More installation thoughts

Sarah Pickering

It is always great to hear from other photographers, and even better when you get to hear one talking about how hard it is to make a full-time living from being a photographic artist. Having worked in and out of photography for many a year, I do know how difficult it can be to secure … Continue reading Sarah Pickering

Sara Davidmann

I was very intrigued by Sara Davidmann's work, Ken. To be destroyed. As an aside, this is in part because it starts with a family situation that is familiar to an idea for a book I one day hope to write. Regardless of that, her work, and how she creates it, including it being exhibited while still … Continue reading Sara Davidmann

The Strindberg test (ish)

Having been recently introduced to the Celestographs of August Strindberg, I am  now venturing into testing out his technique - sort of. Strindberg, who, during the 1890s, dabbled in making these photograms/chemigrams when he apparently had a creative block in his work as a playwright, created the images at night. This, it is reported, is … Continue reading The Strindberg test (ish)

Getting an idea of size

I have always visualised the lumen prints I make for Harena Now to be seen relatively large scale. The originals are all approx. 10 x 8 inch black and white photo paper, mainly Ilford Multigrade FB Warmtone. My recent house move has curtailed my financial ability to spend large amounts of money on copious amounts … Continue reading Getting an idea of size

Immersive and tactile

In my previous post about installation ideas, I noted that perhaps my plans to place cyanotype covered deckchairs in front of my other Harena Now work may seem a little gimmicky. I don't want it to be seen as just a quirky means of displaying my work. But in my latest chat with this module's … Continue reading Immersive and tactile