Model – to scale for next show

For my 'mini' Harena Now show at the Eco Park in June, I created on-screen layouts of how I wanted the one wall to look. At The Fish Factory, I have three walls to play with. In the panorama (Fig. 1) you can see these walls and notice that on the back wall there is … Continue reading Model – to scale for next show

Cyanotype test printing – ideas

Having decided to bring back cyanotype into my Harena Now work I decided to try out some new ideas. I gave this a brief mention in my July 8 post : - where I also mentioned I wasn't convinced by my attempts. I considered using maps of areas affected by illegal sand mining (taken from … Continue reading Cyanotype test printing – ideas

Full circle

Having been inspired to reintroduce cyanotypes to my Harena Now project, I have made my first five 'frames' using embroidery hoops. I quickly placed them on a white wall in my house to give me an idea of impact and size (see Fig. 1). Compared to the display by Hannah Perrine Mode featured previously (and … Continue reading Full circle

Fractured Stories

I just had to enter this competition. Run by the BJP and Ecotricity,  Fractured Stories is an open call for photographers to respond to the issue of fracking. If you are not sure what fracking is, click this link: The competition offers a £5,000 grant, travel and accommodation support along with coverage in the BJP … Continue reading Fractured Stories

Acid Mothers Temple

I have always wanted to to try and create a means of displaying my work in an alternative to the gallery style. Time and finances available have had a big impact on me achieving some of the plans I had in mind and I have decided that the tried and tested gallery show is the … Continue reading Acid Mothers Temple

Cornwall Today

I am fortunate to be friends with the editor of Cornwall Today, Kirstie Newton. I worked with her while a journalist for the county's three main newspapers as it was owned by the same publishing company. In mid-May it was announced that the county's popular lifestyle magazine was closing as its owner, Trinity Mirror, shook … Continue reading Cornwall Today

Science and me

I am fascinated by science in all its forms. I love the sense of adventure and discovery it can conjure, the way it can provide factual evidence or bend to new ideas and details, and the way it is, in my opinion, what the word magic was really meant for. I am not, however, a … Continue reading Science and me