And finally

This module has been challenging and informative. Not only have I pushed myself creatively with a commissioned exhibition, but I have also gain much from a residency, my peers and my tutors. This module has brought my attention to a number of new photographers and practitioners such as Anne Brigman and Kelley Wilder. Brigman's works … Continue reading And finally

Week 11 – Conversations

This week has been fun. Watching Tom Clancy interview Richard Billingham has been informative. Not only in learning more about Billingham's early work, the work of his family , but also how he speaks in a non-jargon, straightforward manner about it. When I look at Billingham's work on his parents through Ray's A Laugh, I … Continue reading Week 11 – Conversations

Week Ten – Informing Contexts: Critical Review Film

The task for this week was to create a 10 minute video presentation that evaluated my practice in the context of the Informing Contexts Learning Outcomes. Theses are: Critical Contextualisation of Practice: Apply a critical awareness of the diversity of contemporary photographic practice to the development of your own work, and inform your practice through … Continue reading Week Ten – Informing Contexts: Critical Review Film

Week Nine – Informing Contexts: Responses and Responsibilities

I still believe photographs can provoke change; if they are seen. If I didn't, I don't think I'd want to be a photographer. For me this does not necessarily mean the viewing of distressing images - although as a former journalist I understand the struggle around whether or not to share such pictures. Szarkowski suggested … Continue reading Week Nine – Informing Contexts: Responses and Responsibilities

Informing Contexts – Week Eight reflection

Enter the Academy What a fascinating week. I have always been intrigued by the ways in which photography is shared and shown. And have also always felt rather annoyed by pretentious art galleries, whatever they are displaying. For me, art, and photography in particular, is something that doesn't need to give itself airs and graces. … Continue reading Informing Contexts – Week Eight reflection

Informing Contexts – Week Seven

Speaking Photographically Considering the Trilogy work of Daniel Gustav Cramer this week has helped me formulate my ongoing work in my head some more. For me, it is his comment that his work uses a concept as a starting point but it becomes 'an echo of its own voice" is reassuring. I have been struggling … Continue reading Informing Contexts – Week Seven

Informing Contexts – Week 5 (2/2)

The body and the land. This topic has made me think about how much I am influenced by the subtle powers of the culture I live in. Do I see the land as female? Mother Nature? And if I do, do I want to conquer it rather than care for it. Comparing the work of … Continue reading Informing Contexts – Week 5 (2/2)