Positions and Practice – reflection.

The assignments have been completed and handed in...and the results are back. I'm pretty pleased to say I have passed, gaining a distinction in my oral presentation. There's still work to be done to fine tune my ideas and plans, particularly around my project proposal. Having started the course with two very distinct project ideas, … Continue reading Positions and Practice – reflection.

Positions and Practice – Week 13

Reflection and Looking Forward The images shared this week of the gunman shooting the Russian Ambassador to Turkey have made quite an impact on me. My fellow students and I have have previously discussed the moral and ethical grounds linked to the sharing of images that some may find distressing or showing content that is, … Continue reading Positions and Practice – Week 13

Positions and Practice – Week 12

Audience and Proposal in practice Watching and listening to the conversation between tutor Jesse Alexander and photographer Marc Wilson -¬†marcwilson.co.uk/albums - has been very insightful. Much of how Marc spoke about his work resonated with how I feel about my own. His thoughts on how a book provides people with an opportunity to gain a … Continue reading Positions and Practice – Week 12

Positions and Practice – Week 11

Proposal and Audience Putting together a proposal for my ongoing project has helped me clarify the overall purpose and direction of this work, while cementing the purpose of it. Although still fluid in content and open to continuous inspiration, thinking about how I can coherently explain my thought processes to a potentially varied audience has … Continue reading Positions and Practice – Week 11

Positions and Practice – Week 9

Critical Perspective Wow, what a week. At last, I feel as though I'm using my brain again in relation to my photography. It's been 25+ years since I was near a formal education (retraining as a journalist in my 30s aside) and working in photographic roles that required a more pragmatic approach, the topic of … Continue reading Positions and Practice – Week 9

Positions and Practice – Week 9 (3/3)

Part 3. Talking about photographs. Attention in the third presentation given this week was drawn to Roland Barthes' explanation of how he perceives and reacts to photographs. He refers to how when he likes a photograph, or when it disturbs him, he will linger and scrutinise the image more deeply, which in turn mirrors Hodgson's … Continue reading Positions and Practice – Week 9 (3/3)

Positions and Practice – Week 9 (2/3)

Critical theory - Part 2. Responding to photographs. I've been having a fascinating dialogue with myself in my head in relation to how we respond to photographs. I hope the eloquent and, what I perceive to be, clear conversation that has taken place is something I can get out on paper (or blog post). Examples … Continue reading Positions and Practice – Week 9 (2/3)

Positions and Practice – Week 9 (1/3)

Critical theory - Part 1. Looking at photographs. An enhanced critical appreciation should, in theory, help an artist create images that communicate clearly. By considering an artist's intention and other contexts it will help us to appreciate the meanings of photographs, particularly in an time when images are everywhere. Eric Kessel's work (shown this week) … Continue reading Positions and Practice – Week 9 (1/3)