Final reflection

As the first half of my flexible two-year MA in Photography comes to a close with the assignments' deadline today, it provides a good opportunity to recollect where I have come from and where I now plan to go. Full circle would be one way to describe my experience. But I am now much clearer … Continue reading Final reflection

Why sand?

As a former journalist and someone who has always held an interest in environmental issues, as well living in a coastal area, I feel dumbfounded that I have only recently discovered the importance of sand and the detrimental effect humans are having through their use of it. I feel as though this is an issue … Continue reading Why sand?

Rebecca Solnit – words of wisdom

I have a to read list that is rather long at present. On that list is Rebecca Solnit's A Field Guide to Getting Lost. It's there not least because I noted a number of other photographer's in an article on the Humble Arts Foundation blog cite it as an influential piece of work, more particularly … Continue reading Rebecca Solnit – words of wisdom

Women and the blues

I have noticed that most of the photographers that I am drawn to who use alternative processes, particularly cyanotype, in their practice are women. It has been puzzling me why that may be so. I have always tried to avoid statements that allude to certain personality traits being more male or female; and even though … Continue reading Women and the blues

Using the outside – out and in

I am passionate about working outside and harnessing the bounty of nature to create my camera-less work. And I am not alone. There are plethora of photo-artists who work in this way. One of my favourites is Meghann Riepenhoff - I've mentioned her work before - who creates wonderful cyanotypes from the ocean. Working on … Continue reading Using the outside – out and in

Week 8 – Harena Now

The past few weeks have seen me uncover a definitive focus for my subject matter. Human impact on the environment is a pretty wide topic; but learning more and more about sand and how our use of it impacts the environment has nurtured a genuine desire to share this subject matter with a wider audience. … Continue reading Week 8 – Harena Now

Week Seven – Surface and Strategies: Publication

My focus has been on trying to pull together my work in progress. To dedicate time to actually making the work, particularly as I now feel I have a definitive direction - sand and how its use by humans impacts on the environment. Therefore, whether or not I aim to produce a publication to sit … Continue reading Week Seven – Surface and Strategies: Publication

The sea is all around me

One of the most rewarding aspects of MA study is bouncing ideas of peers and tutors. This week, in conversation with tutor Stella, she shared an arts project she had heard about taking place in Ireland. The Expanded Field is an 15-month long artistic response to the the Munster region. It is bringing together a variety … Continue reading The sea is all around me

On Photobooks

Jorg Colberg is a photographer, consultant, writer and educator. He has written a book about photobooks. And at first glance It does feel a little as if he is teaching granny to suck eggs (wherever that expression comes from). What I mean by that is much of what he writes in Understanding Photobooks seems obvious. Surely, if … Continue reading On Photobooks