Week Five – Surfaces and Strategies: ‘Surfaces’

The task this week has been to choose curators and designers from our (now) cohort of 27 students. Interestingly, given that this was open for anyone to apply to, only 10 or so put themselves forward. I feel this may be in part to do with personal capacity - it definitely is in my case … Continue reading Week Five – Surfaces and Strategies: ‘Surfaces’

Week Five – Sands of Time

Having become a little disillusioned with the UK's mainstream media of late, I have started to watch Al Jazeera News. With such a global outlook, I'm pretty impressed with the amount of world-wide situations I have learnt about that I would not have heard of just relying on my home country's coverage. Yes, as a … Continue reading Week Five – Sands of Time

Week Four – Surfaces and Strategies: Strategies of Freedom.

What exactly is non-human photography? Can it really exist, as at some point in the creation of an image there must be the involvement of the human hand, surely? Joanna Zylinska has said that, “The Human agency required to make a decision about what and how to photograph is only one small part of what goes on … Continue reading Week Four – Surfaces and Strategies: Strategies of Freedom.

Week Four – Are You Human?

To kick off this week's discussion relating to strategies of freedom, we were tasked with sharing an example of a photographic image not made directly by a human.  Our choice had to include the following: What is it? What does it show? Where did you find it? How was it made? What was it for? Taking … Continue reading Week Four – Are You Human?