Final reflection

As the first half of my flexible two-year MA in Photography comes to a close with the assignments' deadline today, it provides a good opportunity to recollect where I have come from and where I now plan to go. Full circle would be one way to describe my experience. But I am now much clearer … Continue reading Final reflection

Work-in-progress Portfolio

I do feel that this work-in-progress portfolio is much more cohesive than the module two version. In the former portfolio I was representing four different strands of work that spanned iPhone photography to alternative processes. In my latest portfolio I have a clearer focus - not only in topic but in choice of methods used … Continue reading Work-in-progress Portfolio

Week 12 – getting close.

The last two weeks of this module have proved a challenge and enlightening. All four workshops are done; with one specifically asking participants to create work for the exhibition. Having only come to the definitive plan for my ongoing work halfway through this module, I don't feel the workshops or the exhibition resemble exactly how … Continue reading Week 12 – getting close.

Week 11 – workshops a go-go

Despite acquiring a chest infection two-days before my first adult workshop, I dosed myself up with cough syrup and ibuprofen and headed off. It was a great session, which had been over subscribed. That's nice but at the same time, on this occasion, made it difficult to dedicate time to encouraging participants to make potential … Continue reading Week 11 – workshops a go-go

Week Ten – Production

For this week I shared the following with my peers: New work has been made and there is some more to come during the next two weeks as well. The most recent work has focussed on using out-of-date b/w photo paper and burying/semi-submerging under sand and/or beach 'flora'. I have also used cyanotype fabric test … Continue reading Week Ten – Production

Week Eight: Surface and Strategies – Workshop

I have well and truly gone from pillar to post this week. Having run numerous photo-related workshops I felt I needed to create something very different to my comfort zone. But I already have four commissioned cyanotype workshops set up for August so rather than reinvent the wheel, I have decided to combine the work … Continue reading Week Eight: Surface and Strategies – Workshop

Week Six – Food for Thought

As we prepare for the creation of the cohort's exhibition (which, as an an international cohort will be linked via branding and an online presence - more later on that), I have found that so many potentials have presented themselves. In preparation for installing our work, we have been asked to consider the following questions: … Continue reading Week Six – Food for Thought