Week Nine – Production

This is what I wrote about my plans for week nine: I have written my oral presentation and will be filming/editing Aug 5/6. My four workshops are full and I will be asking participants in both adult (possibly kids) to make at least one cyanotype postcard image that includes some sand to be shown in … Continue reading Week Nine – Production

Week Eight: Surface and Strategies – Workshop

I have well and truly gone from pillar to post this week. Having run numerous photo-related workshops I felt I needed to create something very different to my comfort zone. But I already have four commissioned cyanotype workshops set up for August so rather than reinvent the wheel, I have decided to combine the work … Continue reading Week Eight: Surface and Strategies – Workshop

Using the outside – out and in

I am passionate about working outside and harnessing the bounty of nature to create my camera-less work. And I am not alone. There are plethora of photo-artists who work in this way. One of my favourites is Meghann Riepenhoff - I've mentioned her work before - who creates wonderful cyanotypes from the ocean. Working on … Continue reading Using the outside – out and in

Week 8 – Harena Now

The past few weeks have seen me uncover a definitive focus for my subject matter. Human impact on the environment is a pretty wide topic; but learning more and more about sand and how our use of it impacts the environment has nurtured a genuine desire to share this subject matter with a wider audience. … Continue reading Week 8 – Harena Now

Week Seven – Surface and Strategies: Publication

My focus has been on trying to pull together my work in progress. To dedicate time to actually making the work, particularly as I now feel I have a definitive direction - sand and how its use by humans impacts on the environment. Therefore, whether or not I aim to produce a publication to sit … Continue reading Week Seven – Surface and Strategies: Publication

The sea is all around me

One of the most rewarding aspects of MA study is bouncing ideas of peers and tutors. This week, in conversation with tutor Stella, she shared an arts project she had heard about taking place in Ireland. The Expanded Field is an 15-month long artistic response to the the Munster region. It is bringing together a variety … Continue reading The sea is all around me

Week Six – Food for Thought

As we prepare for the creation of the cohort's exhibition (which, as an an international cohort will be linked via branding and an online presence - more later on that), I have found that so many potentials have presented themselves. In preparation for installing our work, we have been asked to consider the following questions: … Continue reading Week Six – Food for Thought

Week Six – Surface and Strategies: Exhibition

Earlier this year I was fortunate to be commissioned to produce visual artwork as part of a project supporting bees in Cornwall. The opportunity provided a dedicated gallery space within the University of Exeter's Environmental Science Institute building at the Penryn campus. As a space it was a little uninspiring, but, once my images were … Continue reading Week Six – Surface and Strategies: Exhibition

On Photobooks

Jorg Colberg is a photographer, consultant, writer and educator. He has written a book about photobooks. And at first glance It does feel a little as if he is teaching granny to suck eggs (wherever that expression comes from). What I mean by that is much of what he writes in Understanding Photobooks seems obvious. Surely, if … Continue reading On Photobooks