Week Eight: Surface and Strategies – Workshop

I have well and truly gone from pillar to post this week. Having run numerous photo-related workshops I felt I needed to create something very different to my comfort zone. But I already have four commissioned cyanotype workshops set up for August so rather than reinvent the wheel, I have decided to combine the work … Continue reading Week Eight: Surface and Strategies – Workshop

Week 8 – Harena Now

The past few weeks have seen me uncover a definitive focus for my subject matter. Human impact on the environment is a pretty wide topic; but learning more and more about sand and how our use of it impacts the environment has nurtured a genuine desire to share this subject matter with a wider audience. … Continue reading Week 8 – Harena Now

Week Seven – Surface and Strategies: Publication

My focus has been on trying to pull together my work in progress. To dedicate time to actually making the work, particularly as I now feel I have a definitive direction - sand and how its use by humans impacts on the environment. Therefore, whether or not I aim to produce a publication to sit … Continue reading Week Seven – Surface and Strategies: Publication

The sea is all around me

One of the most rewarding aspects of MA study is bouncing ideas of peers and tutors. This week, in conversation with tutor Stella, she shared an arts project she had heard about taking place in Ireland. The Expanded Field is an 15-month long artistic response to the the Munster region. It is bringing together a variety … Continue reading The sea is all around me

On Photobooks

Jorg Colberg is a photographer, consultant, writer and educator. He has written a book about photobooks. And at first glance It does feel a little as if he is teaching granny to suck eggs (wherever that expression comes from). What I mean by that is much of what he writes in Understanding Photobooks seems obvious. Surely, if … Continue reading On Photobooks

Week Five – Surfaces and Strategies: ‘Surfaces’

The task this week has been to choose curators and designers from our (now) cohort of 27 students. Interestingly, given that this was open for anyone to apply to, only 10 or so put themselves forward. I feel this may be in part to do with personal capacity - it definitely is in my case … Continue reading Week Five – Surfaces and Strategies: ‘Surfaces’

Week Five – Sands of Time

Having become a little disillusioned with the UK's mainstream media of late, I have started to watch Al Jazeera News. With such a global outlook, I'm pretty impressed with the amount of world-wide situations I have learnt about that I would not have heard of just relying on my home country's coverage. Yes, as a … Continue reading Week Five – Sands of Time

Week Four – Hands Off

I have loved this week's challenge in which we were asked to "reconsider your relationship with your apparatus by not using it". As I normally work in a camera-less fashion, I don't use 'apparatus' other than the light sensitive material and any objects I use within the images I make. Sunlight (UV) is my usual light … Continue reading Week Four – Hands Off

Week Four – Are You Human?

To kick off this week's discussion relating to strategies of freedom, we were tasked with sharing an example of a photographic image not made directly by a human.  Our choice had to include the following: What is it? What does it show? Where did you find it? How was it made? What was it for? Taking … Continue reading Week Four – Are You Human?