What next?

As we head towards the end of this module, my thoughts are already turning to what comes next. Looking at my social media to date, it seems that Instagram is proving the most effective for me in regard to connecting and talking with potential collaborators or simply receiving feedback. In the past seven days my … Continue reading What next?

Dale Chihuly – astounding glass art

I am surprised I was not aware of this artist until now. The glass art pieces he creates, alone and in collaboration with others, are simply stunning. They are everything I am imagining my Harena Now work could be. His website is an inspiration. The pieces he and his teams create from glass are awe-inspiring; … Continue reading Dale Chihuly – astounding glass art

Cyanotype – “it’s basic, and super easy to do at home”.

As a cohort of students, we interact quite regularly on WhatsApp. In recent discussions I conversation turned to the cyanotype process. A fellow student commented that cyanotype is "...basic, and super easy to do at home", and, to a point, they are correct. It's relatively safe use for young children (especially if using pre-made cyanotype … Continue reading Cyanotype – “it’s basic, and super easy to do at home”.

Pricing plans

I spoke in my previous blog post about the challenge of learning how to best price my work. Although I have had exhibitions this year and attracted local media coverage, I am not recognised as an emerging artist in the wider photographic world. So where this leaves the value of my work is perplexing. I … Continue reading Pricing plans

Week 10 – reflection

I've been a tad side-lined this week as halfway through my husband broke his foot so I took a few nights away from my CRJ and project work to focus on him (and do all the chores/dog walking he has been doing to support me with my MA work schedule). But what I have thoroughly … Continue reading Week 10 – reflection