Week 8 – reflection

During this week's course work we have looked at the selling of photography. Who buys it and why. And how to price your work competitively. In the past few years, working with ShutterPod, I have predominantly worked on delivering workshops to either individuals, groups or through commissioned events for health-related organisations. For this work, I … Continue reading Week 8 – reflection

Tell a story

One of the challenges set this week has been to: Imagine you are being commissioned by a newspaper to tell a story in five to seven images. It can be about anything - ideally something local - but it must have a beginning, middle and end. It can be about a person, a place or … Continue reading Tell a story

Week 7 – reflection

The emphasis in this week's course work has been on the commercial aspects of photography. How do you start to 'sell' yourself as a photographer/photo-artist. And can you cross from one to the other? Having started my photographic life in a commercial advertising studio where one day I may be building a room set to … Continue reading Week 7 – reflection

Marketing update

Back in week four we were tasked to put together an outline marketing plan for this module. See here for full article: josiepurcellphotographyma.wordpress.com/2017/10/21/week-4-reflection/. I wrote that I wanted "Harena Now to have gained traction and recognition within a number of topic-relative disciplines" and my objectives to achieve this are: Make connections with two local and … Continue reading Marketing update

Week 6 – oral presentation prep

I have spent sometime putting together the script for my oral presentation assignment this week. My project, Harena Now, is responding to the global sand crisis which is an in-depth topic. I want to ensure that the 10-minute short film I create not only reflects the importance of this environmental issue but also meets the … Continue reading Week 6 – oral presentation prep

Week 5 – reflection (2/2)

Listening to Steve Macleod and Kate O'Neill of Metro Imaging (and the Old Girl's Club) has been very rewarding for me. I am passionate about developing Cornwall's photographic scene in some way, making it accessible to all and it was refreshing to hear these predominantly London-based individuals saying that it is not essential to move … Continue reading Week 5 – reflection (2/2)

Week 5 – reflection (1/2)

The main tasks this week have been to develop networking opportunities. At present, due to day job commitments, I don't often have the opportunity to attend events during week-day working hours so I have concentrated on other means of networking. Although I have a list as long as my arm, I stated that for this … Continue reading Week 5 – reflection (1/2)

Atelier NL – what a discovery

At the start of my MA, I had two distinct ideas for my long-term project work. One related to the interaction and bonds between dogs and humans and the other related to geology and the human impact on the earth in our relatively short time on it. When I learnt about the sand crisis only … Continue reading Atelier NL – what a discovery