To fabric or not to fabric?

In the webinar this week I shared the three latest images I have created. Two are part of my Harena Now series and one was part of my #365cyanotypechallenge.    It was fabulous to get such supportive comments from my tutor and fellow students. My tutor Paul suggested I looked at the fabrics created at … Continue reading To fabric or not to fabric?

Week 3 – reflection (part three 3/3)

As we have been considering myriad dissemination opportunities it wasn't long before virtual reality (VR) became part of the picture. Mat Collishaw's new take on immersive exhibiting via this new(ish) tool was showcased in his Thresholds exhibition. It took visitors back in time to 1839 and William Henry Fox Talbot's first presentation of his photographs to … Continue reading Week 3 – reflection (part three 3/3)

Week 3 – reflection (part two 2/3)

My love of photography stems from our family Polaroid camera. At age about 8, I didn't really know what I was doing with it but I loved the buzz of the image popping out of the camera and the how mesmerising is was to watch and wait for the moment passed to reappear. I recall … Continue reading Week 3 – reflection (part two 2/3)

Week 3 – reflection (part one 1/3)

This week has seen students challenged to create an Instagram account and try to create a viral image. As I already regularly use Instagram, I decided my focus would be to increase followers by 30 but I admit I approached this task with a light touch as I wanted to concentrate on research towards the … Continue reading Week 3 – reflection (part one 1/3)

Week 2 – reflection

Although the purpose of this MA, for me, is to transfer into a more photography-based self-employed/employed status, I am also fortunate to have gained various skills throughout my working life in the world of business promotion, marketing etc. At present, I am a communications and marketing manger in my 'day job'. This involves writing press … Continue reading Week 2 – reflection

Week 1 – reflection

The thing that has stood out in week one is the task we were set. Taking the Photographer's Playbook, in which photographers/artists set challenges to make the reader consider their own practice and how it sits in a professional context, as a prompt, the first activity is from Michael Christopher Brown. He is an American photographer represented by … Continue reading Week 1 – reflection

Week 2 – Sustainable Prospects

This week we have started to consider our photographic business lives after the MA (or during). Having set up ShutterPod about five years ago, much of the business elements (accounting/business plans etc.) are not new to me but there have been some interesting conversations regarding copyright. After all, the image of the impoverished artist may … Continue reading Week 2 – Sustainable Prospects

Week 1 – Sustainable Prospects

The start of this module has mainly focussed on hints and tips on how to break into the photographic industry. I guess, having been a photographer's assistant, studio manager, medical photographer, journalist, a communications manager and now owning my own part-time participatory photographic business ShutterPod this has felt more useful for those students on the … Continue reading Week 1 – Sustainable Prospects