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#HarenaNow – Non-fixed Lumens

These images are part of my ongoing work with non-fixed Lumen printing and digital manipulation, with a number included in my MA final shows. (2017 to 2018)


#HarenaNow – cyanotypes

This shows early cyanotype work-in-progress from 2016 to 2017 as part of my Harena Now cyanotype experiments (2017).


Nature’s Goddesses

This work relates to my interest in our misuse of plastic. It primarily uses discarded children’s plastic dolls that represent mythical goddesses of nature to create a juxtaposition between innocence and ignorance (2017 to 2018).


Mixed photographic media

This work shows my manipulation of instant film combined with cyanotype (2016).


Lumen Prints

These early experiments with the lumen process are made with vegetables or solar powered lights at night (2016).



The anthotype process is one I love. The landscape images here are from my 2017 commissioned exhibition for the University of Exeter’s Environmental Science Institute and Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’s bee pollination project, Farm for AONBees.

Left Litter

My ‘Left Litter’ project is one I hope to return to. It shows the decomposing litter and changing face of a small part of one short lane in my village. The lane itself on first glance does not look littered, but closer inspection tells another tale (2017).