More exhibition ideas

As usual, I'm magpie-ing between ideas of how to show my work at a variety of locations. Hopefully after today, I will have a more fixed idea of where I will be showing but at present I have secured time with the Fish Factory in Penryn from Thursday,  July 26 for a week. The cost … Continue reading More exhibition ideas

Week 5 – reflection (1/2)

The main tasks this week have been to develop networking opportunities. At present, due to day job commitments, I don't often have the opportunity to attend events during week-day working hours so I have concentrated on other means of networking. Although I have a list as long as my arm, I stated that for this … Continue reading Week 5 – reflection (1/2)

Informing Contexts – Week 4 (2/2)

Intentions What is it I intend with my work? This is dependent on what aspect of my practice I am relating this question to but, for my MA, the intent of work created is to spark conversations and further understanding of how humans negatively impact on their environment but also how, as a species, we … Continue reading Informing Contexts – Week 4 (2/2)

Positions and Practice – Week 12

Audience and Proposal in practice Watching and listening to the conversation between tutor Jesse Alexander and photographer Marc Wilson - - has been very insightful. Much of how Marc spoke about his work resonated with how I feel about my own. His thoughts on how a book provides people with an opportunity to gain a … Continue reading Positions and Practice – Week 12

Positions and Practice – Week 4

Rethinking Photographers It has already been a fascinating week, looking at what 'non-photographers' make of professional photographers today. With imagery everywhere and a glut of photographers, it's not surprising that those who study photography and make some sort of living from it can feel they are losing their identity as professionals. I know that I … Continue reading Positions and Practice – Week 4

Positions and Practice – Week Two

Multiple media and interdisciplinary practice - Reflection I described myself in this week's webinar as being a little "time-poor" this week. Settling into a new routine of balancing a full-time job with the MA and life in general is definitely going to be a challenge. But a little tweaking of the day job hours should … Continue reading Positions and Practice – Week Two