Where I’m at…

As the new module looms, and with the need to start to determine how, where and when I will show my final work, I feel as though I may need to take a slightly more realistic financial approach to ideas, unless I can begin to secure funding. In my head, I have seen my #HarenaNow … Continue reading Where I’m at…


Week 3 – reflection (part one 1/3)

This week has seen students challenged to create an Instagram account and try to create a viral image. As I already regularly use Instagram, I decided my focus would be to increase followers by 30 but I admit I approached this task with a light touch as I wanted to concentrate on research towards the … Continue reading Week 3 – reflection (part one 1/3)

Week 2 – reflection

Although the purpose of this MA, for me, is to transfer into a more photography-based self-employed/employed status, I am also fortunate to have gained various skills throughout my working life in the world of business promotion, marketing etc. At present, I am a communications and marketing manger in my 'day job'. This involves writing press … Continue reading Week 2 – reflection