Second exhibition evaluation

I opened my second show on Thursday, July 26 at The Fish Factory in Penryn, Cornwall. I chose this space as it is a dedicated art space on the outskirts of Falmouth, which, in part due to the university, has a very creative vibe. The Fish Factory attracts people interested in creative pursuits through a … Continue reading Second exhibition evaluation

July 26 show set up

Yesterday I set up my second Harena Now display. This is a bigger version of my June show at Mount Pleasant Eco Park as it includes new work and my cyanotype images. Due to issues with the magnetic system (probably due to the heat and rammed earth walls combination) where my images fell from the … Continue reading July 26 show set up

Cyanotype test printing – ideas

Having decided to bring back cyanotype into my Harena Now work I decided to try out some new ideas. I gave this a brief mention in my July 8 post : - where I also mentioned I wasn't convinced by my attempts. I considered using maps of areas affected by illegal sand mining (taken from … Continue reading Cyanotype test printing – ideas

Full circle

Having been inspired to reintroduce cyanotypes to my Harena Now project, I have made my first five 'frames' using embroidery hoops. I quickly placed them on a white wall in my house to give me an idea of impact and size (see Fig. 1). Compared to the display by Hannah Perrine Mode featured previously (and … Continue reading Full circle

Hannah Perrine Mode

Having previously moved away from cyanotype as part of Harena Now to focus on non-fixed/manipulated lumen prints, I have been playing with ideas to involve this process again. When I began my MA, cyanotype was my favourite of alternative processes, mainly as I could use it safely and wash it out at my local beaches … Continue reading Hannah Perrine Mode

Art market and workshop

While my 'mini' show was running at the Eco Park, I also took part in their summer arts market on June 24 to help promote Harena Now (see Fig 1 and 2) and other work. On arrival at the market I discovered that one of the images had fallen off the wall, and another was … Continue reading Art market and workshop

Week 7 – reflection

The emphasis in this week's course work has been on the commercial aspects of photography. How do you start to 'sell' yourself as a photographer/photo-artist. And can you cross from one to the other? Having started my photographic life in a commercial advertising studio where one day I may be building a room set to … Continue reading Week 7 – reflection

New experiments with sand

Today is one of those days where I have felt as though it will be impossible to get everything I want to get done, done. But one of the main things I wanted to try was some new techniques with sand and sea water. The weather is pretty atrocious here today, with grey skies and … Continue reading New experiments with sand

Finding fresh perspectives

There are so many ways to find fresh perspectives for my practice. When time allows, burying my head in books or visiting museums and art venues are great ways to learn new things and gain new insights. But, as time is often short in my often hectic everyday life, I regularly find myself saving links … Continue reading Finding fresh perspectives

To fabric or not to fabric?

In the webinar this week I shared the three latest images I have created. Two are part of my Harena Now series and one was part of my #365cyanotypechallenge.    It was fabulous to get such supportive comments from my tutor and fellow students. My tutor Paul suggested I looked at the fabrics created at … Continue reading To fabric or not to fabric?