Informing Contexts – Week Eight reflection

Enter the Academy What a fascinating week. I have always been intrigued by the ways in which photography is shared and shown. And have also always felt rather annoyed by pretentious art galleries, whatever they are displaying. For me, art, and photography in particular, is something that doesn't need to give itself airs and graces. … Continue reading Informing Contexts – Week Eight reflection

Positions and Practice – Week 13

Reflection and Looking Forward The images shared this week of the gunman shooting the Russian Ambassador to Turkey have made quite an impact on me. My fellow students and I have have previously discussed the moral and ethical grounds linked to the sharing of images that some may find distressing or showing content that is, … Continue reading Positions and Practice – Week 13

Positions and Practice – Week 9 (1/3)

Critical theory - Part 1. Looking at photographs. An enhanced critical appreciation should, in theory, help an artist create images that communicate clearly. By considering an artist's intention and other contexts it will help us to appreciate the meanings of photographs, particularly in an time when images are everywhere. Eric Kessel's work (shown this week) … Continue reading Positions and Practice – Week 9 (1/3)