Full circle

Having been inspired to reintroduce cyanotypes to my Harena Now project, I have made my first five 'frames' using embroidery hoops. I quickly placed them on a white wall in my house to give me an idea of impact and size (see Fig. 1). Compared to the display by Hannah Perrine Mode featured previously (and … Continue reading Full circle

1-2-1 July 11

It was good to catch up with Wendy (McMurdo) our module leader to touch base on progress. Unfortunately, my body is finally giving me warning signs that holding down a full-time job and trying hard to do the most and best I can for this MA is not sustainable. I have been to the doctors … Continue reading 1-2-1 July 11

Hannah Perrine Mode

Having previously moved away from cyanotype as part of Harena Now to focus on non-fixed/manipulated lumen prints, I have been playing with ideas to involve this process again. When I began my MA, cyanotype was my favourite of alternative processes, mainly as I could use it safely and wash it out at my local beaches … Continue reading Hannah Perrine Mode