Second exhibition evaluation

I opened my second show on Thursday, July 26 at The Fish Factory in Penryn, Cornwall. I chose this space as it is a dedicated art space on the outskirts of Falmouth, which, in part due to the university, has a very creative vibe. The Fish Factory attracts people interested in creative pursuits through a … Continue reading Second exhibition evaluation

July 26 show set up

Yesterday I set up my second Harena Now display. This is a bigger version of my June show at Mount Pleasant Eco Park as it includes new work and my cyanotype images. Due to issues with the magnetic system (probably due to the heat and rammed earth walls combination) where my images fell from the … Continue reading July 26 show set up

Cyanotype test printing – ideas

Having decided to bring back cyanotype into my Harena Now work I decided to try out some new ideas. I gave this a brief mention in my July 8 post : - where I also mentioned I wasn't convinced by my attempts. I considered using maps of areas affected by illegal sand mining (taken from … Continue reading Cyanotype test printing – ideas

The Strindberg test (ish)

Having been recently introduced to the Celestographs of August Strindberg, I am  now venturing into testing out his technique - sort of. Strindberg, who, during the 1890s, dabbled in making these photograms/chemigrams when he apparently had a creative block in his work as a playwright, created the images at night. This, it is reported, is … Continue reading The Strindberg test (ish)

Positions and Practice – reflection.

The assignments have been completed and handed in...and the results are back. I'm pretty pleased to say I have passed, gaining a distinction in my oral presentation. There's still work to be done to fine tune my ideas and plans, particularly around my project proposal. Having started the course with two very distinct project ideas, … Continue reading Positions and Practice – reflection.