Positions and Practice – Week 9

Critical Perspective Wow, what a week. At last, I feel as though I'm using my brain again in relation to my photography. It's been 25+ years since I was near a formal education (retraining as a journalist in my 30s aside) and working in photographic roles that required a more pragmatic approach, the topic of … Continue reading Positions and Practice – Week 9

Positions and Practice – Week 9 (1/3)

Critical theory - Part 1. Looking at photographs. An enhanced critical appreciation should, in theory, help an artist create images that communicate clearly. By considering an artist's intention and other contexts it will help us to appreciate the meanings of photographs, particularly in an time when images are everywhere. Eric Kessel's work (shown this week) … Continue reading Positions and Practice – Week 9 (1/3)

Positions and Practice – Week 5

Power and responsibilities - reflection Another thought-provoking week. Part of the requirement for this week included writing a personal 'manifesto' that defined my purpose as a photographer: It asked: What are your responsibilities; who are you answerable to; and who should answer to me as an image maker? It isn't something I have given much in-depth consideration to … Continue reading Positions and Practice – Week 5

Positions and Practice – Week 4

Rethinking Photographers It has already been a fascinating week, looking at what 'non-photographers' make of professional photographers today. With imagery everywhere and a glut of photographers, it's not surprising that those who study photography and make some sort of living from it can feel they are losing their identity as professionals. I know that I … Continue reading Positions and Practice – Week 4