Science and me

I am fascinated by science in all its forms. I love the sense of adventure and discovery it can conjure, the way it can provide factual evidence or bend to new ideas and details, and the way it is, in my opinion, what the word magic was really meant for. I am not, however, a … Continue reading Science and me

More installation thoughts

Putting 'photographers installation views' in a Google search brings up a treasure trove of images. Having spoken about Meghann Riepenhoff and Lucia Pizzani's style of display as an influence on my choices for the final major project module shows, I wanted to take a look at other gallery-style ideas. Having just posted about Sarah Pickering's … Continue reading More installation thoughts

Sarah Pickering

It is always great to hear from other photographers, and even better when you get to hear one talking about how hard it is to make a full-time living from being a photographic artist. Having worked in and out of photography for many a year, I do know how difficult it can be to secure … Continue reading Sarah Pickering