Second exhibition installation shots

To get the best shots of the exhibition space in the time available, using a tripod I needed to use a fast ISO setting, which has led to some noise in the images. If I have the opportunity on Monday, I will re-take the shots at a slower ISO, which I hope will provide me … Continue reading Second exhibition installation shots

Second exhibition evaluation

I opened my second show on Thursday, July 26 at The Fish Factory in Penryn, Cornwall. I chose this space as it is a dedicated art space on the outskirts of Falmouth, which, in part due to the university, has a very creative vibe. The Fish Factory attracts people interested in creative pursuits through a … Continue reading Second exhibition evaluation

Local press

A huge thank you to the Falmouth Packet for their support of my upcoming show. Having sent them my press release, they used it in the following article (Fig. 1: screen shot of part of website version): I also sent my press release to Cornwall Live; BBC Radio Cornwall and BBC Spotlight. My contacts at … Continue reading Local press

Model – to scale for next show

For my 'mini' Harena Now show at the Eco Park in June, I created on-screen layouts of how I wanted the one wall to look. At The Fish Factory, I have three walls to play with. In the panorama (Fig. 1) you can see these walls and notice that on the back wall there is … Continue reading Model – to scale for next show

Acid Mothers Temple

I have always wanted to to try and create a means of displaying my work in an alternative to the gallery style. Time and finances available have had a big impact on me achieving some of the plans I had in mind and I have decided that the tried and tested gallery show is the … Continue reading Acid Mothers Temple