Positions and Practice – Week 11

Proposal and Audience Putting together a proposal for my ongoing project has helped me clarify the overall purpose and direction of this work, while cementing the purpose of it. Although still fluid in content and open to continuous inspiration, thinking about how I can coherently explain my thought processes to a potentially varied audience has … Continue reading Positions and Practice – Week 11

Positions and Practice – Week 10

Theory in Practice. Digging deeper into the relevance of theory to my practice has led me to a brick wall of sorts. There are moments when I feel I get this, and then moments when I feel as though my head may well implode. What exactly is the relevance of theory to my practice? I … Continue reading Positions and Practice – Week 10

Positions and Practice – Week 9 (3/3)

Part 3. Talking about photographs. Attention in the third presentation given this week was drawn to Roland Barthes' explanation of how he perceives and reacts to photographs. He refers to how when he likes a photograph, or when it disturbs him, he will linger and scrutinise the image more deeply, which in turn mirrors Hodgson's … Continue reading Positions and Practice – Week 9 (3/3)

Position and Practice – Week 8

Exploring Contexts I've never considered myself a deep thinker in relation to my photographic practice. That's not to say I'm shallow and superficial.¬†Having¬†consider the content from this week's course material, and reflecting on my past work (particularly since starting ShutterPod), it seems more akin to having always subconsciously set my work in context. Hans Ulrich … Continue reading Position and Practice – Week 8

Positions and Practice – Week 7

Strategic Choices - Reflection. I may possibly have fallen in love a little this week with William Eggleston; not so much for his work, although that is to be appreciated, but more for his attitude. In an Independent article by Michael Glover in 2013 where a variety of photographers, critics and fans put questions to … Continue reading Positions and Practice – Week 7