1-2-1 July 11

It was good to catch up with Wendy (McMurdo) our module leader to touch base on progress. Unfortunately, my body is finally giving me warning signs that holding down a full-time job and trying hard to do the most and best I can for this MA is not sustainable. I have been to the doctors … Continue reading 1-2-1 July 11

Notes from 1-2-1

On May 9 I had a 30 minute 1-2-1 with module leader, Wendy McMurdo. We spoke about the podcast (possible short film) I am recording this weekend with geologist, Dr. Beth Simons. I explained what I want from this conversation, and that is to add an environmental context in relation to geology, time and how … Continue reading Notes from 1-2-1

1-2-1 February 28

It is refreshing to speak with my lecturer Wendy McMurdo about my project, and this 1-2-1 was no exception. Sometimes we can become so embroiled in a project that it's hard not to become blinkered to certain ideas you hold. This is why speaking about my plans with Wendy is so beneficial. Initially, we had … Continue reading 1-2-1 February 28

The results are in

I spent so much time deliberating my Final Major Project Proposal. Reading and re-reading the guidelines, asking advice from peers and going with my gut all fed into the final outcome. And the results are in. First, I'm content with my grade and looking forward to speaking in more detail to my lecturer, Wendy McMurdo. … Continue reading The results are in